High Angle/Vertical Rescue - Remote & Wilderness Rope Rescue Training


Level Tec. 1 & 2 -Two days of rope safety and equipment awareness and operations training Low to Steep Angle, Roadside applications . $200.000

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Level Tec. 3 - High Angle Rope Rescue applications, Scene Safety, Vertical Access Rigging, Rescue Litter Attendant, Complex Rope Systems in the vertical environment. $320.000

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Level Tec. 4 - Team Leadership, Complex and Dual Tension Rope Rescue Systems and Scenarios. $400.000

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Four Levels of Training Based on Specific Environment, Risk and IRIA Performance Standards. 


Technician Level 1 - 1 Day  - Awareness 

Technician Level 2 - 2 Days - Operations - IRIA R2. Simple rope systems, Rope Access, No Shock-Load. Load Potential, Low Angle <30deg. Surface Based,

Foot and Traction.

Technician Level 3 - 3 Days - Standard Technician - IRIA R3. Double Rope Systems,

Low to Moderate Shock-Load, Load Potential, <90deg. to Vertical.

Technician Level 4 - 4 Days - Advanced Technician - IRIA R4. Double Rope Systems,

High to Extreme Shock-Load, Load Potential, <90deg. to Vertical/ Suspended Systems.

Registration Pre-requisites:

Técnico 3–  Good physical fitness, interest in rescue, safety and prevention, climbing, mountaineering, canyoning or other outdoor activity near or on steep terrain.

Técnico 4 – Completed Level Tec. 3 course or other in rope management and rescue. 

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Climbing Helmet

  • Climbing harness or Full-body rescue harness

  • 1 Descender (Figure 8, ATC, Rescue 8, ID, GriGri or other)

  • 2 Accessory Cords 6mm x 2.5mts (UIAA, NFPA, CE certified)

  • 4 Carabiners with safety screw-lock

  • 1 knife (pocket knife)

  • 1 pair of Gloves

  • 1 pair of safety glasses or sunglasses

  • Extra clothing for the current weather conditions. (Long pants, trekking boots, rain jacket etc.)

  • Snack Lunch, sandwich, dried fruits, fruit, bottle with water, chocolate, coffee, te, mate etc.)

  • Camaras, cel phones permitted. 

Equipment Rental: Kit Basic - Helmet and climbing harness. $50US x dia.

Tandem Rescate includes:

  • Group training materials and props.

  • Training exercises and scenarios.

  • Theory presentation Power Point + Study Notes.

  • Diploma of Profesional Certification.

  • ID card.

  • Instructors Certified  through Tandem Rescate and Accredited by IRIA-International Rescue Instructors Association.

Not Included:

Transport, meals or lodging.

Reserva de Cupo/Fecha: 


Reservas con 50% deposito.

Cancelations after 15 before the start date of the course pay 100% of their deposit. 

Deposits valid for 3 months.