Tandem Rescate is an industry leading Emergency Rescue Training Organization and Safety Equipment sales distributor providing individuals, Institutions, private companies and Government and volunteer emergency response teams with the products and services they need.

Tandem Rescate was founded in 2000 by Mitchell L. Sasser, a Leading Instructor, Swiftwater/Flood Specialist, IRIA.org Board Member and Advisor in the US and South America is located on the Futaleufu River of Northern Patagonia, Chile with training  and consulting services reaching throughout the Andes Mountain Range and internationally.

Our vision is to stand by the highest standards creating  Preventative SAR communities around the world. We do this with the vision of continually  researching and improving rescuer safety, Training standards, improving better response time for first responders and preventing accidental drownings.  

Our Mission is to work closely with local, state and federal authorities as well as with private businesses and educational institutions expanding our reach to future generations. 

Today more than ever we are all more aware of Climate Change a true reality for all of humanity. In the coming years the need for more first responders will become evident. Not only emergency professionals will be on the front lines of life-changing events, natural disasters or man-made catastrophes but also anyone who could be a First Responder in an emergency. Profesional outdoor guides, park rangers, forestry workers, public transportation workers and yes every-day citizens and outdoor enthusiasts. These events are shaping the way we live on the planet. Specialized training and equipment designed to keep rescuers safe is developing and ongoing as so is this critical life-saving education that must continue to shape our future for positive outcomes.

Learn all about Tandem Rescate and what we offer by giving us a call or sending us an email. We’ll be happy to assist you with any information regarding a specific product or service.

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Futaleufu, Provincia de Palena, Region Los Lagos, Chile.

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Sector Noroeste S/N Futaleufu, Provincia de Palena, Region Los Lagos, Chile.



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