Escuela de Aguas Blancas

Profesional Guiding - Rivers Grade 1-5

Cataraft / Kayak Safety - Rivers Grade 1-5

Swiftwater/Flood Boat Ops. Technician

Navigation training and Certification in rivers is broken down into 3 main training streams just as our Swiftwater Rescue Courses.

  • Emergency Response

  • Professional Guiding

  • Recreation

Emergency Response - Boat Ops. Technician Level 1-4

RWC Inflatables, Paddle/Row, Motor

Profesional Guiding - Adventure Tourism, Rafting, Kayak y Outfitting Expeditions.

- Guide Formation Courses 24 days. 180hrs. of navigation en rivers up to Grade 3.

-Profesional Certification Rafting Guide Grade 4/5

-Profesional Certification Cataraft/Kayak Safety Grade 3 or Grade 4/5

Recreational Boating Safety courses available for skills building and situational awareness when out on the water. Designed for Athletes, famlies, kids, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Email us to find out dates, locations and training module programing.