Level Tec. 1-2Two days of swiftwater awareness and operations training.

Focus: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Self Rescue and Rescue of third party in Grade 1-2 rivers. $185.000clp

Level Tec. 3Three days of Swiftwater Rescue Practical and Physical Training.

Designed for the Profesional in Rescue Response of Swiftwater/Flood/ Emergency Response Teams and Professional Guides/Extreme Sport Grade 3/4 rivers.. Exceedes NFPA 1670. $230.000clp

Level Tec. 4Four days of Swiftwater Rescue Practical and Physical Training. Designed for the Profesional in Emergency Response. Adventure Tourism Guides / Extreme Sport , Adventure Racers working in and around AWA Grade 4/5 rivers and IRIA Risk Matrix Standard R3/4 Flood/Rescue Emergency Response Teams. Excedes NFPA 1670. $500.000clp

The foundations of our recognized training courses are based on evidence through continuing research in the moving water environment. Tandem Rescate has been a providing leader in aquatic safety education since 2000. 

Training courses and programs for emergency response, industry and professional guiding. 

Professional Certification                    Participation based courses - Level 1- 3

(21 years of age minimum)                     (10 years of age minimum). ​

Begin with the knowledge you need to be safe and operate with others on rivers, during flood situations and during training in Level 2, 3 and 4 Advanced courses.

  • Technician Level 1 - E-Learning OnLine  - Awareness (Pre-Requisite for all Technician level Swiftwater Rescue courses)

Courses realized at the river and in the water!

  • Tech Level 1-2 - 2 Days - Operations - AWA Grado 2 - IRIA R1

  • Tech Level 3 - 3 Days - Standard Technician - AWA Grado 3 - IRIA R2

  • Tech Level 4 - 4 Days - Advanced Technician - AWA Grado 4/5 - IRIA R3/4

  • Specialist Level 4 - 5 Days - AWA Grado 4/5 - IRIA R3/4 (Institutional Mandate)






Requirements for participation:

All participants must have PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) River Helmet or Climbing Helmet, Lifejacket (PFD) Type III, IV or Type V, neoprene suit or dry suit, good shoes to wear in the river. Mtn. Bike type gloves or other similar. Have good physical condition and know how to swim well.

Transportation to the training sites is each participants responsibility. Bring an energetic snack or box lunch for the day.

Mask and Snorkel (optional) Short fins (optional).

Equipment Rental: River Equipment Kit - 3mm Neoprene Suit, Life Jacket, Helmet ,throwbag,2 carabiners, 2 prusik cords at $40US /per day. In combination you must bring first layer synthetic, polar for upper and lover body warmth, neoprene and / or wool socks and good shoes on your feet (old tennis shoes are the best!).

Tandem Rescate includes:

Materials for the group and training exercises.

Study Notes. Instructors and curriculum accredited by the IRIA-International Rescue Instructors Association. www.iria.org.

Organizing a Group? :

Contact us to see the options of discounts and agreements with volunteer emergency organizations, Industry construction, Adventure Tourism Operators and students in Adventure Tourism Career paths.



Reservations with 50% deposit. Cancellations after 15 days before the start date of the course the deposit is charged in full. Deposits valid for 3 months.


Sector Noroeste S/N Futaleufu, Provincia de Palena, Region Los Lagos, Chile.



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