E-Learning Course - Swiftwater / Flood Rescue Technician Level 1 "Awareness"

Welcome to the E-Learning platform at Tandem Rescate. This course covers critical theory and principles of swiftwater rescue on the modules that are normally covered in the classroom. Tandem Rescate has maximized efficiency of your learning time on the water and off. 

This On-Line course is designed to enhance and maintain your knowledge about the swiftwater environment and is the Pre-Requisite for our Technician Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 courses.

Here are a few steps to get you started.

1. Sign up for approval to our Members page on our website.

2. Create your profile.

3. Tandem Rescate will send you an email with the payment details and options.

4. Make payment for the course 

-Electronic bank transfer.


-Direct Deposit

5. Once membership and payment for the course is approved you will receive a link  in your email to access the E-Learning platform.

6. Log-in and re-set new password.

7. With your new password you will be able to access the course which requires 100% participation and 100% Approval on all exams.

8. Finalizing the course within the allowed time frame will grant you a "Certificate of Completion" that can be reported to your employer or Local Regulating Authority.

9. Your Certificate of Completion is valid for 1 year.

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